Re: Photo: Tank Cars At Refinery (1949)

Jack Mullen

I think the second car is also GPCX. The resolution is poor, and the reporting marks are obscured by the tank bands, but there seems to be a vertical stroke beginning the second letter, just left of the band. So not A, but maybe P.

General Petroleum was a California producer which had been acqy by Socony (Mobil). So why are a couple of their cars in Oklahoma, at what appears to be a small facility ? What's visible doesn't look like a 

Googling "Slayer Refining Co." worked better when I spelled "Salyer" correctly. ;^).  I found d that Salyer Oil was a local Oklahoma gasoline and oil company, and Salyer Refining Co. ran a used oil refining plant in Oklahoma City producing recycled lube oil. That's now a Superfund site. I think that's the photo location. I don't see any signs of the usual tank car loading platform and piping, but the bits of piping visible could well be for unloading. I conjecture that the plant receives waste oil by tank car, and likely distributes its product in drums and cans. 

Jack Mullen

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