NP, MILW & ??? c.1939

Robert kirkham

Hi there - Guy Wilber pointed out a group of photos at the Library of Congress i hadn’t spent time with previously, and among them was this.   A very high definition version is available at the link.  

The two cars at the end of the tracks caught my attention.  I’m wondering whether that is a MILW car to the right, with the reporting mark somewhat obscured on the 5/5/5 murphy corrugations.  I’m not a MILW Road student, so don’t have much of a grip on their rolling stock.  My thinking is that the car at right is a USRA car, but i’m wondering why the MILW car to the left (with dreadnaught ends) looks taller.   The USRA cars weren’t short in the wood sheathed era . . .   

Not sure about the available models for the NP cars either.

By the way, what an excellent trash heap.  I suppose all the steel would have been collected and turned into landing craft by the time of my model era (1946).  

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