Re: NP, MILW & M&StL ??? c.1939

Robert kirkham

Thanks for the comments Jack.  I should have looked these up in the ORER before writing. . . .  Years ago, i knew so little about some of these railroads.  For example, i used to think M&StL stood for Montreal & Saint Lawrence, lol.  Still gives me a smile every time I see the initials and mentally correct myself.  Thankfully the ORER and modellers on this list helped put that error behind me!  But i’m still piecing together the steam era fleets of many railroads.  

Looking at the photo a little more closely, i’m thinking the car with the Murphy 5/5/5 end is lettered M&StL.  It has an illegible 5 digit number, so - guessing here - i’m assuming it is a USRA (or clone) double sheathed car in the 25000-25898 series (2 remaining in the Jan 1953 ORER).  As you note, that makes it 9’ IH. 

The MILW car is (I think) numbered 716715, so a part of the 716500-717199 series of composite cars with IH of 9’ 3”.  I don’t think i’ve seen a model for these available anywhere.

NP 49210 appears to no longer be listed in 1953 ORER.   

On the other hand, NP 11558 falls within the large series of steel underframe cars that (I think) were modelled by Rapido.  



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On Sun, Jun 19, 2022 at 10:05 AM, Robert kirkham wrote:
I’m wondering whether that is a MILW car to the right, with the reporting mark somewhat obscured on the 5/5/5 murphy corrugations.
Well, MILW had a large fleet of USRA SS boxcars, so a good possibility. But while it's probably a mug's game to try to interpret the visible fragments of lettering on the rib, the pattern of what pieces seem to be vertical and what seem to be diagonal or curved strokes doesn't say MILW to me. Neither do I see a good fit to any other owner's marks.
 I’m not a MILW Road student, so don’t have much of a grip on their rolling stock.  My thinking is that the car at right is a USRA car, but i’m wondering why the MILW car to the left (with dreadnaught ends) looks taller.

Because it IS taller. The 4/5 Dreadnaught commonly appears on boxcars with around 10' IH.

Jack Mullen

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