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Nelson Moyer

Unless a car is being loaded or unloaded, you will  never see grain doors because the car doors are closed and sealed while the car is in transit. I see trains with open box car doors,  grain doors and loads on model railroads, but that’s not prototypical. It’s OK to have a car with open doors spotted by an elevator for loading or unloading, but not OK on moving cars except when an elevator car puller is in operation.


Grain doors were stenciled for return to the railroad owning them. I guess it’s OK to have a small stack of grain doors next to an elevator, feed mill, or freight house waiting to be returned.


Nelson Moyer


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Hi all, I feel a bit hesitant to ask this, but as a non-granger road modeler, I hope that I will be forgiven…
Over what distance range were grain doors used? Were they used primarily in ‘local’ transport of bulk grain from elevators to mills or could they be found far afield from the bulk grain origin point? As an early 1950’s New England modeler, I’m wondering if a car with grain doors would ever show up in that part of the world. 
Thanks for tolerating what might be a stupid question. 

Rich Gibson


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