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Jim Pattison

Hi Phil, I don’t have any of the conductor’s train books, but that work has already been done for the SP Coast Line by Tony Thompson.  The questions I imagine asking are along the line of, is the Bowser model of a Wabash round top box car correct, sort of correct, or totally wrong?

Jim Pattison


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HI Tim,



Funny message.

If you have access to conductor's train books, I would recommend analyzing those until you have a large sample of cars. The results can differ somewhat from the various formulas that are often used by modelers. For example, I model the NYC and use data/consists from, which means that the railroads that are highly represented in my collection are different from someone who uses certain formulas. This also allows me to adapt cars to my given locale and figure out which oddballs are reasonable to include or should be included.

-Phil Lee

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