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Tim O'Connor

A sample of HO scale SP box car models off the top of my head

   B-50-1/-2/-4/-6/-9 Westerfield
   B-50-12 Westerfield/Tichy/... (USRA single sheathed box car)
   B-50-13/-14 Sunshine
   A-50-14 Proto 2000/Walthers (-12 kit bash)
16 Sunshine/Rapido
   B-50-18/-19/-20/-21/-23 IMWX/RedCaboose/Branchline (1937 AAR)
   B-50-22 Proto 2000/Walthers (-30 kit bash)
   B-50-24/-27/-28 Sunshine

   B-50-24/-25/-26/-27/-28/-29/-31/-32 Intermountain kit bashes
   B-50-37 Intermountain/Kadee kit bashes (riveted PS-1)
   A-50-17 Front Range/McKean/Accurail (50 foot double door)

and MANY, MANY others !!


On 6/23/2022 11:18 AM, Jim Pattison wrote:

HI Tim,




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your scale ?

On 6/19/2022 5:33 PM, Jim Pattison wrote:


I model the SP but am interested in having at least semi realistic models of other road’s cars in my trains which led me here.  I hope that I can pick the collective brains about models that are available of freight cars from before 1957. 

I do have a few books on SP freight cars so might be able to help if someone is looking  for info about them.


Jim Pattison

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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