Re: tank car domes

Tim O'Connor

They are for thermal expansion of the cargo. The tank is normally filled while leaving the dome empty.
The size of the dome required depends on the intended cargo(s). The "tank car capacities tariff" books
list every tank car's gallonage including its dome capacities. The dome diameter can be calculated from
its height and gallon capacity, or the height can be calculated from the diameter and the gallon capacity.

On 6/24/2022 9:01 AM, Ray Hutchison wrote:
Could some one here offer a brief tutorial on the size of tank car domes?  This query comes from a recent comment about wanting to 'cut down' domes to shorter size for specific cars, related to car capacity and ventilation.  Earlier cars had more narrow and taller domes?  Later larger cars had larger but shorter domes (until when)?  Other factors relating to size of the dome?  Venting?

I suspect this information might be of interest to others on the list.

Ray Hutchison

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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