Re: Klasing Power Hand Brake with Vertical Shaft


On Fri, Jun 24, 2022 at 08:04 AM, Lester Breuer wrote:
Asking if someone can direct me to a photo of the early Klasing Power Hand Brake with short vertical staff coming out of the housing going up above the running board where brake wheel mounted on the vertical shaft.

Lester Breuer
Besides Tim's excellent photo see page 26 of RPCyc Vol. 10 for another photo of a 500 series Klasing gear and wheel and there are more published photos.

As to the comments of model gears, several have mentioned the P2K Mather boxcar but there are others.
The RC Mather meat reefer has one in plastic as does Frank and his minions from RCW in the GN 40' composite wood-sheathed boxcar Kit 11.01 in resin.
There may be other but this would be a great part to be 3d printed. This early geared power handbrake from Klasing evolved quickly and had many variations.

Dan Smith

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