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Philip Dove

I inherited a few unbuilt and built Comet car kits when my Dad died in 2014. He had a few T&P double door box cars, two Milwaukee flats, and a pair of Green Bay and Western reefer. The first car l ever built was one of his GBW reefer l got it into running order painted the roof and wooden blocks that represented hatches and ran it. It ran very well on the plastic trucks provided. I was too impatient to install all the grab irons brakes and ladders so ran it minus these details. With care and assuming the dimensions and livery were OK it would be possible to make a fine model. Card is a very underrated modelling material. Computer art and printing permit the manufacture of fleets of cars with more elaborate liveries without the hassle of painting and decalling each one. I know l've done it on British models in 7mm 0 gage. 

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From: Bruce Hendrick <brucehendrick@...>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022, 22:10
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Comet Car Kits
If I remember correctly, years ago I read an article about a modeler who glued similar old  cardboard sides onto plastic box cars after sanding off rivets and such. Doors, grabs, and ladders were then added on. The graphics on these sides look remarkably good.

Bruce Hendrick
Brea, California

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