Re: InterMountain C&O 1937 boxcar with Deco Ends

John E. Henning

Looking at your post I had a "Huh" moment. I have been looking at photos of these cars for really decades.  As a member and former Board of Director for the Chesapeake & Ohio Histerical Society, my mind processed the photos as having black doors for decades. But going back and looking at some of my photos, they had the door color matching the sides. Did Intermountain not do all their homework?  Did C&OHS not supply them enough photos?

Re-looking through my photos, also found some had the ends as the same as the side color also.  But appears not all either as some had black.

Ok, but lets add some controversy, see attached photo of C&O Deco Car #5492.  Is that a black door with black rubbed off or a BCR door with soot?

But, just a great job on your car.  Can I send you my 5 cars to 'fix'????  Just kidding....    But, really can I?????

-- John Henning

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