Re: Lettering removal proto 2000 hoppers

Jim Betz


  I have not tried removing the lettering from a P2K hopper - having said that ...

  My go to method for removing factory lettering (which is an ink, not paint or decal) is
isopropyl and rubbing with the side of a round toothpick.  It has never failed to remove
the lettering and rarely affects the base color underneath.  I usually flood the area
with water or isopropyl to get all of the residue bits off.  And I let the first applications
of isopropyl sit on the model "until they start to evaporate" before using the toothpick.
  Rarely takes more than 2 or 3 tries - always works "eventually".   I don't consider
this task to be "quick" but it is easy enough and always works.
                                                                                                       - Jim in the PNW

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