Tru-Color Primer Questions

Ken Adams

I was going through the paint section in my local hobby shop and I came upon a rattle can of TCP-4011 Dark Primer.  This was new to me as I had no previous knowledge that TCP was making any primers. My standard has been the Tamiya series of surface primers which have worked well for the last 10 years for me. 

Has anyone had relatable experience with the Tru-Color primers and TCP-4011 Dark Primer in particular. Does it have as good a spray nozzle as the very reliable Tamiya fine spray products.  Does it coat well on a single pass over raw grey plastic models? Is the spray at least as fine as the Tamiya primers? The LHS clerk thought it is an even finer spray than the Tamiya primers. 

Does anyone know the provenance of the Tamiya spray can primers. On the Can it says it is made for manufactured for Tru-Color Paint but no actual location of manufacture is indicated.  Is it truly a US/North American manufactured product.  Of course I know very well that Tamiya is Japanese in origin and with recent problems with international/intercontinental supply chains I am always anxious to develop US/North American product sources whenever possible even if just as a backup. 

Looking forward to answers from other modelers who have actually tried the Tru-Color rattle can primer product.
Ken Adams
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