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Kevin Macomber

One of the things I have observed over the years is modelers use what they feel comfortable with. This is how we became the largest reseller of out of production paint in the US with typically about 8500-9000 bottles of paint on the shelf.


On 2022-06-25 19:51, Ken Adams wrote:
I would beg to disagree about Tamiya nozzles. The nozzle question has
been debated over and over again in non-model railroad modeling
forums. There has also been a proliferation of proprietary paint
system nozzles. Some work. Some don't.
Also, for a variety of reasons including health I do not use an
airbrush unless there is absolutely no other alternative. Brush-able
acrylics have allowed me to continue model building in model
railroading as a hobby. I have and have had many airbrushes over the
last 67 years I have been a modeler. I don't particularly care to use
them and am able to get most satisfactory results in the same manner
as the pre-1950's prototype usually did, by hand brushing. When I need
to use a rattle can I go out on my townhouse deck and brave the
prevailing wind primarily for primer coats.
And in most cases regardless of the primer I and many others will be
brush painting the top coat with an acrylic such as from Vallejo, AK
or one of the other brands favored by vehicle, armor and war game
modelers. Many other model railroaders are now discovering that
brushing is a fast simple alternative for painting rolling stock and
I have tried Tru-Color brushable paints and unfortunately found they
did not match the European brands such as Vallejo and AK in leveling
ability to eliminate brush stroke marks and single coat coverage. The
long gone Polly Scale was thicker and used to work but in some cases
left brush marks. I used to use it primarily on structures.
Ken Adams
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