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Nelson Moyer

Thanks, Tony.

Richard is reported to have said that SFRD was close to PRE for the orange. Steve Sandifer sent the CMYK and Pantone numbers for SFRD orange from the ATSF paint and lettering book, and I had color swatches printed on a color calibrated printer. The results were surprising, as there was considerable difference between the two, with the Pantone swatch redder and darker. I attached the file. I used the CMYK numbers as a starting place to match using RGB, since I don't have a graphics program that supports Pantone or CMYK, and then did a series of fades and color photo color sampling. Those files are attached. I have four SFRD reefers to paint, and I haven't decided which fades to use, but I intend to paint them with different mixes. I'm open to suggestions from the group.

Nelson Moyer

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As mentioned yesterday, I have posted some additional comments about PFE orange, in prototype and model form, in my blog. If you’re interested, the link is below.

Tony Thompson

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