Reefers in Mid WWII film footage

Robert kirkham

I am watching more mid-WWII videos on you tube, and made notes of the reefers in the film “LIFE LINE OF THE NATION AMERICAN RAILROADS IN WWII Carl Dudley 70892”, at: .   

(It has remarkable colour footage of a lot of other rolling stock, btw - a feast for weathering ideas for wood sheathed cars especially, but plenty on hoppers, gons, flats, stock and UTLX & other tank cars too).  What strikes me about this footage is how much of it was filmed at similar locations as the Library of Congress collection of colour photos of Delano, Vachon and others.  I suspect they travelled together some of the time?  

For reefers:

The first glimpse is at 1:03 in the film, where the plume of smoke from the loco partially obscures a block of reefers starting with a yellow car, a white car and a PFE orange car.  You have to be quick with the pause button to see these.  The SP medallion on the PFE reefer is briefly visible.  I find this a useful reference when thinking
how the cars should look in comparison to each other.

At 1:41 there is a mid-train reefer block, but the blue light of daylight on snow makes it difficult to discern much about the cars in the train.

At 1:57 there is (guessing) a PFE reefer behind the locomotive, without medallions.  Express paint and lettering?

At 2:12 there is a distant view of a PFE car approaching (right behind the loco tender); we also have a view of the trailing end at 2:20.   It's lettered with the Red White and Blue UP “overland” medallion and apparently shot mid WWII.   The roof is clearly boxcar red/brown but, strangely, appearances/optical illusion(?) suggests the car has black ends.   

Maybe there is a hint of boxcar red on the ends?  But i do not see it.  This runs against what i have read from authoritative researchers, so i chalk it up to illusion for now.

Next up, at 6:49, there is a drab yellow reefer - i cannot make out the lettering, but i suspect others will find it obvious.

A cleaner ART 20836 is featured loading onions at 7:17:

The colour of the ART reefer featured at 11:35 - 11:52 is great fodder for weathering.
At 12:06 we have nice footage of a clean looking SFRD 34058 (number somewhat illegible).  At 12:32, another nice clean shot of an SFRD car, this time 33614.

At 13:29 we get a nice clip of URTX 9809 with Milwaukee logo.  


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