Re: Vallejo Paint Equivalent For PFE Orange (more)

Tony Thompson

Nelson Moyer wrote:

Richard is reported to have said that SFRD was close to PRE for the orange.
I never heard that from him, but will emphasize that he had an excellent eye for color, often effortlessly matching paint on pre-painted models. I watched him do it a couple of times and marveled.
He was quite series about everything Santa Fe, including SFRD of course. The SFRD models of his that I have are not particularly close to PFE orange.

Steve Sandifer sent the CMYK and Pantone numbers for SFRD orange from the ATSF paint and lettering book, and I had color swatches printed on a color calibrated printer. The results were surprising, as there was considerable difference between the two, with the Pantone swatch redder and darker.
Pantone is tough to use for this kind of problem. The Pantone numbers are mixes (in round-number percentages) of standard pigments, and can neither serve as a good way to identify any arbitrary color, nor were they meant to. But if you are going to press and want a specific Pantone somewhere in a publication, the printer can nail it, and will. That’s what they are for.

Tony Thompson

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