Re: PFE 1940s - Youtube video creator/era/date?

Robert kirkham

It turns out that my comment about the returning soldier not likely helping with the dating of the video may have been misplaced.  

In a private email, it was suggested that the auto shown might be a 1941 Buick, and the soldier was apparently a corporal in the 5th Army A-5 division that was activated in Morocco in 1943. The A-5 Division returned to the US in September 1945 and was inactivated by October 1945. Assuming the footage was compiled in approximately the order it was filmed, soldiers return and deactivation would suggest a date for the film as late in 1945 or a few months into 1946. Does anyone on the list have further suggestions or comments?


On Jun 26, 2022, at 12:11 AM, Robert kirkham <rdkirkham@...> wrote:

Looking for more colour images of freight cars, and this film looked useful for immediate post-WWII PFE reefers starting at 5:29:


Probably a long shot but i wondered if it is possible to identify the photographer and approx date.

The first car in the train i’d guess is Western Pacific (logo isn’t 100% clear).  
The second has the diagonal “overland” slogan on coloured UP shield, descending left to right.  
Third car is not PFE.  
Fourth and subsequent cars are not profiled enough to make out very well.  However, seconds later, looking at the train from more distance, it is a long string of cars and i would say at least a couple have the black and white SP logo alone on one side.   
(I was not able to say whether any of the UP shields were in black and white only - the light in the image is so bright, i can accept they may be blue, red and white.)

I’d guess there is a returning soldier shown toward the end of the non-train portion, but i doubt that helps with year the film was made.

Anyhow, maybe more informed eyes than mine can narrow the dates.      


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