Thoughts on PFE Orange


Having been a lifelong Southern Pacific modeler I have witnessed  many incarnations of PFE models. Early Silver Streak kits had prepainted sides.  I don't recall anyone questioning the color. Varuous manufacturers of pa
laatic models offered
prepainted models.  An article by Richard Hendrickson on a 1970's Prototyoe Modeler had me carving up a Trains Miniature model .With the advent of the Tichey refers we began to be more sophisticated with our modeling expectations.

In searching my memory bank I recall that at one point Datyight Orange was recommended as the preferred PFE color.  Of course Floquil and Scale coat Daylight Orange are different.  I have settled on Floquil over the years. I'm sure that the Pantone wheel has value but I' sure if some of our top modelers gathered to debate the results it would be difficult to reach agreement.

So what is a modeler to do?   I would suggest that we all select a color that we are comfortable with.
Sihnce most of us weather our models the base color is going to change.  I'm sure that if some of our top modelers bought their PFE models to an RPM meet and created a PFE fruit block we would all be in awe of the train and nobody (well almost nobody) would question the base color.

Bill Pardie

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