Pierre Oliver

That mix was mentioned in the SFRD reefer book as well
However since that was written the recipes at Scalecoat changed
I found that reversing the ratios gave the desired results
Pierre Oliver

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Fenton Wells wrote:

Thanks Tony, and I apologise for coming in late on this but do you know what color Richard used for the Santa Fe reefers? I have huge respect for his modeling and would love to know his choice of color.
Richard’s view was that the SFRD color was pretty consistent from about 1930 through the late 1950s. His starting point was Scalecoat, 4 parts Reefer Orange and one part Reefer Yellow, a formula from Bill Messecar. He sometimes faded it for older cars, using white. As he observed, “Reefer Orange” is an odd color, not really like any North American reefer, closer to International Orange. But you can mix with it.

Tony Thompson

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