Re: Water-Base Clear Flat Coating

Tim O'Connor


That's really good to know ! When I finally run out of my Floquil Clear Flat (not Glaze!)
it sounds like Minwax to the rescue ! And unlike the Floquil colors, the flat dries quickly
overnight after which the car can be handled without problems.

On 6/27/2022 5:06 PM, Charles Greene wrote:

I received several suggestions for a water-base flat coating for killing gloss after decaling, or otherwise, that wouldn't cause the slightly milky appearance that Model Master clear flat acrylic coating leaves, especially on dark colors. I noted that most, if not all, the suggested coatings were about $6/oz. Prior to my original post I had looked around and found Minwax Polycrylic Crystal Clear Topcoat (Clear Ultra Flat) which is $1.50/oz. None of the responders had tried it so I gave it a shot and found it to give a very good result. It's water-based, really flat, as claimed by the manufacturer, and doesn't leave any milky, or other, residue. I got the 8 oz. (smallest I could find) can for $12, but I think there are larger quantities which cost less per ounce (the 8 oz. size will last me a long time, though, since I dilute it to run it through an airbrush). It's intended for a different purpose (on wood furniture), but then so is Pledge floor gloss which many use for decal prep. 

Chuck Greene

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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