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I have about 4 dozen C&BT Santa Fe reefer kits... was planning to sell them
off for $5 a kit. You're right that the bodies and ends are excellent -- and C&BT
did many body variants found on the prototype cars.

On 6/29/2022 8:55 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:

I have come to realize over the past few days that everyone on this list has not pursued the model railroading hobby from college to the present day as have I.  There were many good and accurate comments on the Santa Fe refers and colors in recent posts.  I hope to add a little history and forgotten references in my following comments.

There was much excitement in the railroading community when CB&T released their Santa  Fe Refer kits. The excitement quickly diminished when some major flaws were detected.These flaws were primarily in the area of the roof and oversized details.Actually the body and the pre painted sides were quite good.
Thjis event was quickly followed by an article in the  Third Quarter 1992 Santa Fe Modeler publication by Jay Miller in which he took the kit through three separate builds. The first involved building the basic kit.  The second covered making basic adjustments and the third doing a fairly well detailed car.

The April 1994 issue of Mainline Modele rcontained a super article by JimTeese again Using gthe CB&T car and doing four versions.

The Nvember 1994 RailModel Journal magazinecarried a two part article by Richard Hendrickson.  The first part covered ther prototype. The second was a constgruction article on the CB&T kit.  Again three different versions were produced. It is interesting to note that in this article Richardd claimed that “SFRD yellow-orange was about the same color thst wass uswed on PFEcars, which was about the same as Southern Pacific’s “Daylight Orange”. I guess we all evolve and gain mofre knowledge with time.

All of the above articles contained a wealth of prototype and Model photos.  A short time later the Longs / Intermountain car ap[peared on gthe market. I cannot e too criticle here as my working life was with Longs Drug Stores. This pfretty much render gthe CB&T cars obsolete.Ted Culotta’s Essential Freighe Car series covered sev eral versions of Santa Fe refers in the April 1993 issue.  MY cope is not handy so I don’;t rfecall if color was addressed.  Ted also did a piece on PFE refers in one of the other articles.

While there is some work involved, building acceptable CB&T cars is within the skill level of moston thisl list. They can b e had for a song.

Bill Pardie


Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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