Re: Lettering removal proto 2000 hoppers

Jim Betz

  You're welcome.  Nice looking "undec" you ended up with.  Pretty much ready for
decals as is.  Many guys will go to the trouble of adding a gloss coat/future/etc.
before they decal.  My decal method does not use any 'surface prep' and I have
no problems with my decals "settling down".  Most guys will pooh-pooh my
methods for decals.  Once the decal is where I want it and settled down 
completely I overspray (or wash) with a dull coating of some sort - usually I
use simply a wash of dilute flat finish acrylics that I brush on ...
  Please remember/consider that I weather -all- of my stuff ... some heavier
and some lighter.  So my end goal is in mind and 100% crisp lettering is
not important - to me.
                                                                        - Jim in the PNW

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