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Divided basket bunkers were basically two separate bunkers in the space of the normal bunker which allowed more evaporation surface for the melting ice and hence faster

Ones I have seen did not impact the roof details, but that’s not a definitive answer.

Roger Hinman

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I believe a divided basket means the bunker can be fully filled or half filled, my folding down a “shelf” in the bunker.
Doug Harding
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Thanks for posting an interesting car. 
What is a "Divided Basket Bunker"? Would that impact the roof details? Thanks.
Bruce Hendrick
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Canadian National Refrigerator Car 209120 (1937)
Photo from the Government of Canada:
Click and scroll on the photo to enlarge.
Canadian National Railways Refrigerator car #209120 with Divided Basket Bunker - Ventilator, built in May, 1937.
Bob Chaparro
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