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Robert kirkham

I think the colour sampling is a useful step.  I’ve done something similar - other side of the coin - with various paint colours sold by Vallejo, AK, Mig, etc, with an eye to figuring how to mix what i see in photos.      

A couple of things i’m trying to think about but don’t have a handle on:

Scale colour - the effect of bringing paint indoors, under layout lighting - and how to choose model paint colours that resemble the appearance of the prototype cars. 

But also, something more about the scene itself:  I wonder how to make colour selections - within a realistic range - that take into account the colour of the scenery i model and the layout lighting.   I ask because our perception of colour is affected by the adjacent colours.  I’m thinking backdrop, ballast, static grass, line-side structures, etc.  I don’t have a mental algorithm that says “my scenery is more in the mountains with blues, grays and greens, so it makes sense to choose car colours that  . . . ; another modeller might say their scenery is more “desert yellows and browns so it makes sense for the freight cars to look . . . “, or “My scenery is urban, with brick red and concrete dominant, so it makes sense for rolling stock to look . . . “  But i think there may be something in that kind of thinking.

So far, experimenting seems a slow process.


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Thanks for that photo, Andy. It supports the ‘anything goes’ argument. I color samples a number of prototype and model SFRD reefers and attached the RGB codes and color dots. They pretty much cover the spectrum from yellow to orange. I still haven’t decided which four to use on my reefers.
Nelson Moyer
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An interesting view of the differences in "Yellow/Orange"
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA


<SFRD Color Matching Paint Chips.docx>

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