Re: ATSF reefer colors

Todd Sullivan

Just to add to the discussion, with my last layout, I tried using stock fluorescent bulbs to illuminate the layout room, using twin tube fixtures.  The light emitted gave everything a greenish look.  Not what I was after!  So, I tried some daylight (5000K) bulbs, and everything looked blue and none of the warmer colors (like rusty stuff) showed well.  So, I bought some 3500K warm bulbs and tried them.  Only the warm colors showed well, and I lost all the blues and blacks.  So, I installed one 3500K bulb with a 5000K bulb in the same fixture, and voila!  Close to the full spectrum of colors.

I now live in Texas, and was concerned about adding heat to my layout room (which is on he second floor - no basements here), and I wanted to duplicate the same style of lighting without the heat-producing fluorescents.  I found some 33500K and 5000K strip LED lights on Amazon, but had to devise a way of installing the strips side-by-side on moldings attached to the ceiling.  They work well, but I wish they provided a bit more light.

So, that's another factor in how you choose to color things on your layout.  PS, I try to paint and weather all my structures and rolling stock under the same lighting conditions as the layout room.

Todd Sullivan

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