Re: Modeling assistance

Andy Cich <ajc5150@...>


I can help with the PRR cars. You didn't mention a scale, so I'll assume

You get lucky with the gons, since there are 4 different classes.

316832 was a G25 (Available in HO from Westerfield)
356423 was a GRA (Available in HO from Westerfield)
361476 was a G22 (Available in HO from Westerfield)
347432 was a G27 (Available in HO from Sunshine)

For the boxcars, both 55219 and 99366 were X29's. (Red Caboose for HO)

Also, since I just completed one, Sunshine 47.2 is for MILW cars in the
708500-713999 series.

Andy Cich

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