Re: Accurail single sheathed box cars (was CNJ 12000 series)

Tim O'Connor


The 6 panel is an IC car, or very close to it. The 8 panel is a CN car, originally offered in resin
from either Des Plaines Valley or F&C or by the RPI hobby shop.... (the RPI kits were I think
cast by F&C, as I think the Yankee Clipper cars were as well)

Come to think of it, the IC car also was offered in resin by RPI and now is part of the F&C line.


On 7/4/2022 4:47 PM, Clark Propst via wrote:

Thanks to those that answered. Now what to do?

Tim asked "Which Accurail single sheathed box car have you got ?"

I have two actually. Got them at a swap meet for 5 buys each. One's the CNJ, 8 panel sides, Murphy ends steel corrugated door. The other 6 panel car I've stripped thinking I could use it for a Milwaukee car, but the Dreadnaught ends are the wrong configuration.  
These are fun cars to modify and I'd like to do something with these that's half way prototypical....

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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