Re: Accurail single sheathed box cars (was CNJ 12000 series)

Tim O'Connor

Here's an interesting use for the Accurail 8 panel car - New England Rail Service offered a 1 1/2 door
kit for converting the Accurail car into this car, I think.

On 7/5/2022 1:34 PM, Clark Propst via wrote:

I have or have had both those models. 

I thought about cutting a section out of the 6 panel Dreadnaught end and turning it over to make the 4/4 ends 3/5. Like the ChicagoLand mini-kit (which I sold two of...mumble). This would match a Milwaukee car. Instead I found a pair of 7/8 Murphy ends in my "end drawer" I'd cut off for a different progress. This will match a different Milwaukee car. Nice that the Milwaukee had so many variations  ;  )

Now to find something to do with the 8 panel car with steel doors and ends.



Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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