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Bruce Smith


I would agree that this is a flat decked, 4-wheel trucked car. There is lots to distinguish it from the PRR FM in front of it, including the deck height, and the absence of the pressed steel members of the PRR FM, which btw, is 40' (42' between couplers). I think that our subject car is also around 40' but I wonder if it might be a 70 ton car (were there such things as 40' 70 ton flats?).

And yeah, the vent is definitely C of Ga. And the date of the photo is 1931.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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On Tue, Jul 5, 2022 at 04:47 PM, ROGER HINMAN wrote:
I don’t think this is the specific car, but NYCL and probably others had pre WW1 well hole flats what were shorter (36’) and had six wheel trucks. Yours is not a very clear photo but I think I see three journal boxes on the forward truck.There’s a drawing of a similar P&LE flat in the 1912 Car cyc.
I'm going to respectfully disagree.  I don't think it has six wheel trucks.  When I saved the picture and blew it up, it looks like four wheel trucks.  At this angle, you are looking under the car, and can see the wheels on the opposite side for the rear truck.  Also, doing a count, it looks like car #2 has the same number of pockets (11) as car #1.  Also, at this angle, I would guess that #2 is the same length (or close to - maybe a 40ft compared to 38ft) as car #1.  Given all of that, I would guess it is similar class to the first flat car.  However, since my eyes aren't what they used to be, and I don't have some of the "tools" I did 35 years ago when I would look at certain photos that I can't say I ever saw, I may be wrong.

All that said, what really interests me in this photo is the ventilated boxcar directly behind the two flats.  The herald looks like the old version of Central of Georgia's, but can't say for sure.
Bill Parks
Cumming, GA
Modelling the Seaboard Airline in Central Florida

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