Re: Back in chambers

Don Valentine

Quoting Mike Brock <brockm@...>:

OK, guys, the head judge is back in chambers. Special thanks to Jeff
for sitting in during my travels.

And did you visit Judge Judy??? Wondering ears will wnat to know!

Just a small note. Yes, working on frt cars is much cheaper than
playing golf.
Golf????? My God, Mike, you dare compare pasture pool to a serious
endeavor like model railroading???

I would also say that last night we were staying at a hotel on Jeckly
Island, GA. At about 10 PM I heard a great commotion in the hall. Going
out and asking two ladies standing outside our door, I was told that they
were teachers chaperoning 300 middle school kids who were quartered on our
floor. I instantly thought of the STMFC.....

Say what?? There are really 300 of us???? Now I feel better not wanting
to be outnumbered by those who play pasture pool.

Take care, Don Valentine

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