Re: Athearn Blue Box Upgrades

Drew M.

Alan Mende did an article in MR in the early 1990s on upgrading the Athearn blue box hoppers. His prototype was the CNJ and he used the offset side version.

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Anyone know the answer? I don’t. 

Brian Ehni 
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while we are bringing up the old Athearn stuff, I need some info / help.
A LONG time ago (15+years) there was an article in MR (IIRC) about super detailing the old Athearn blue box hopper cars using brass shapes and strips to replace the ladders and grabs on the ends of the cars.
Would you have any ideas about the date of this issue or maybe a copy of the article?
I bought SEVERAL of these undec kits and now that my sisters grandson is getting into the hobby, I want to try to get them ready to paint and decal to give him for Xmas.
The difference in appearance when the details are changed is fabulous.
The roofwalks are still available but just changing those is useless without upgrading the ladders and grabs.
Any help will be muchly appreciated.

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