Re: maker of small drill bits (#78, #80) for hand drilling resin kits

Jim Betz

  ... I like the style of bit that has a 1/8th inch shaft and necks down to the bit
size.  These often have a collar on them that provides the size info.

  I long ago gave up on trying to hand drill with a #80 and a typical hobby bit.
My solution then - sort of "forced" because I'd just broken the #80 and then
the #79 was to go to a #78 size for holes for #80 size wire ... after the bit is
in you don't notice that the hole is "over sized" and no one has ever said
anything about my holes being too big ... when at least the holes in my
models as opposed to the ones in my head.  *G*
                                                                                         - Jim in the PNW

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