Re: maker of small drill bits (#78, #80) for hand drilling resin kits

Philip Dove

To get the right size drill for a task such as installing grab irons l first look on the packet for recommendations as to what size to use. I visually compare the two then drill a hole in scrap material and see if it works. Slightly oversize holes help as others said. For grab irons l drill right through the piece glue from the reverse and if neccessary then cut and file the reverse side of grab off if it's going to get in the way. 
To ensure the grabs are all protruding a uniform amount l put a small sliver of some unglueable plastic under the grab so they don't go in too far. I use resharpend Carbide drills because they are the only drills l have in US sizes. I don't drill unless l a relaxed and fresh because l use a pin vice, and breakages are three times as high if l'm tired or tense. 

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