Re: maker of small drill bits (#78, #80) for hand drilling resin kits

Ken Adams

My recent experience with the Gyros #78 drill bits I bought through Amazon was not good. They broke on the second hole I drilled with each bit. Earlier purchases of Gyros drill bits were ok as they would last 15-20 uses.  Even buying a recommended Starrett pin vise did not help.  It works much better with some older #78 Gyros I had on hand.

I used to buy from Otto Frei (ouch that rhymes) before the Pandemic as they are local in Oakland and I could order and they drop by for pickup avoiding shipping costs.  The drill bits were fairly long lasting.  

The thicker shaft on the GMAUVAIS bits at MSC looks like a possible solution to constant breakage.  I will put together an order in the near future for 10 packs of 77/78/79 bits and see if shipping is not prohibitive. 
Ken Adams
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