Re: Grainloading Facilities in the 1950's

Don Valentine

Quoting ljack70117@...:

Plant peanuts. They will do the same thing and do it better.
Thank you
Larry Jackman

You've got to be kidding, Larry. In So. Car. and Georgia probably but
not at this latitude. When visiting friends in Moultrie I can get all the
peanut fields I want....and a bellyache from eating too many raw right out
of the field if not careful. Thus I buy them wholesale by the case of 6 lb.
cans, usually from the Fitzgerald Peanut Co."s office in Sylvester. They ship
them out by the truck and carload (required qualifying statement not that The
Judge is back!) You must know those towns. They were all on the Pidcock's
various shortlines. The Southern (pardon me, New Southern) has what is left of
them but the younger Frank Pidcock still has a nice plantation called Ashburn
Hill not far southwest of Moultrie where you can ride the "Sugar Pippin" on
rails to the skeet range, enjoy his private car, which he was shocked to find
me identify immediately upon sight as the former CPR superintendent's car from
Revelstoke, BC (I believe it was sold after Mr. Paffard retired as super at
Revelstoke in the late 1970's) or dine on grouse or sip bourbon in the former
Moultrie station, now used as a club house on the Plantation.

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