Farming Loads

Ted Larson

"Beckert, Shawn" wrote: Wonder what the phosphate was for?
Fertilizer Shawn. I should again mention this was a Minnesota elevator
and shipped crops not grown in Iowa and received coal from Duluth in
box cars. Iowa elevators received coal in gondolas.

Several comments;

Should I assume that Iowa coal came straight from the coal fields via

Why was the coal from the twin ports in boxcars rather than hoppers?

Does anybody know the source of lime for agricultural use? I remember
seeing many hopper loads of lime unloaded at the team track in my
central Minnesota home town. I never paid attention to what road name
was on the hoppers.

Many grain elevators also had a feed mill for grinding the grain for
use by local farmers.

An enclosed "shed" on the side opposite the tracks was for unloading
the farmer's truck or grain wagon. At the facilities that I saw,
trucks were not loaded in these sheds.

Ted Larson

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