Re: Accurail single sheathed box cars (was CNJ 12000 series)

Robert kirkham

Thanks Clark.  That thick plastic is what i was wondering about, but it sounds straightfoward enough.


On Jul 10, 2022, at 8:21 AM, Clark Propst via <cepropst@...> wrote:

Rob asked how I removed the door. I used a cutoff wheel in my hand held cordless Dremel on next to the fastest speed. Cut inside the lines. Made a real mess with melted plastic, Accurail cars are thick! It came off when pushed with my thumb of shaved with a blade. Used a knife to hack/saw through at the corners on one end then pried/snapped it out. Cleaned up with a chisel and file. Keep in mind I’m about ease and speed, I’m no neat nick  ;  ))
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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