Re: Model Realistic Freight Car Loads, by Keith Kohlmann

Tim O'Connor

Hmm. Kalmbach could have applied a little more proof reading scrutiny... :-D

Unless you have no other materials or just have money to burn, from what I see I think there
are much better modeling articles both in print and online. Just my opinion. Kalmbach has to keep
moving new product (business is relentless)... I feel for them, I really do. :-\

On 7/11/2022 9:38 PM, Claus Schlund wrote:

Hi Keith and List Members,

Have a look at the link below for a preview...

On 11-Jul-22 21:08, Guy Wilber via wrote:

Has anyone here received a copy of this book; Model Realistic Freight Car Loads, by Keith Kohlmann?  If so, is it worth purchasing or does it represent a post 1960 overview of open top loads?


Guy Wilber

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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