Re: Model Realistic Freight Car Loads, by Keith Kohlmann

Jeffrey White

Actually that's not true.  My first car was a 64 1/2 Mustang that I paid $500 for in 1973.  The used car dealer advertised it as a 1965 model. When I received the title from the Illinois Secretary of State's office it said 1964.  I was angry with the dealer for misrepresenting the year of the car.  He then explained the whole 64 1/2 thing to the 17 year old me.  I can't speak for other states but I can say with certainty that in Illinois those Mustangs were titled as 1964 models.

Jeff White

Alma IL

On 7/12/2022 9:45 AM, BRIAN PAUL EHNI wrote:

The caption is incorrect. There were no “1964” Mustangs. All first year Mustangs were sold as 1965 models. Introduced five months prior to the 1965 model year, they have been called “1964 ½”, however. But the titles read 1965.–1973)





Brian Ehni



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