Re: maker of small drill bits (#78, #80) for hand drilling resin kits

Dennis Storzek <dennis@...>

On Mon, Jul 11, 2022 at 04:14 PM, Dave Parker wrote:
I can't remember if I even tried this with PB wire, but I feel it's too soft.  But a steel guitar string?  You bet.  I generally don't even dress the the tip with a stone.  Cutting it with pair of small dikes makes a working tip.  Just need to keep the exposed part to the wire to a minimum.

And yes, slow.  Santa brought me the slowest speed Foredom tool a couple of Christmases back.  This setup works great in resin (and wood), and acceptably in styrene.  I do a lot with 0.008" grabs, so 0.010" wire is a good choice for the drill.
I donno, Tichy's PB wire is pretty hard, much harder than the DA brass wire. I figured I'd suggest it since it could also be used to make the replacement grabs. But I see guitar strings are available in all the diameters a modeler could need, .008, .010. .012, and .013, so likely a better choice for drilling holes. The best part of not having flutes is there is more material in the drill shank, almost twice as much.

Dennis Storzek

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