Re: PFE Decal Confusion

Bruce F. Smith <smithbf@...>

Shawn asks:
I'm in need of PFE decals to do Intermountain's R-40-23
reefer kits. Awhile back someone mentioned that Champ's
SHS-190 set was the way to go for this, but in checking
the Champ site this morning I see there is also an HR-61
set for "Orange Car, UP-SP All Black Lettering". If the
SHS-190 set is the "main" PFE set, what does HR-61 do?

Also, Champ lists the SHS-190 set as for "Express Reefer".
I don't have any express cars, but I'm acquiring quite a
lot of plain vanilla R-40-23's.

Is the SHS-190 still the right set for my needs?
IIRC, the SHS-190 is the "Blue Ribbon set" and pretty much the set to get
to letter any PFE reefer up to 1960 or so. If you need color UP
medallions, I think you need to order them seperately (at least I did).

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