Re: maker of small drill bits (#78, #80) for hand drilling resin kits


I've used guitar string forever. Cut as described above but also sometimes hammered and stoned to make a spear point if using larger diameter strings. Started out using fine pins but the string/burr drills worked better. The smallest easily available strings are .007" and they work well with .004" grabs. Done the same for simulated NBWs. They flex and cost literal pennies. They're also very, very sharp, so be careful. I mount mine in Excel knife handles. The collets are soft enough to hold them for a time. Eventually they stop holding and the string drill needs to be kinked and flattened slightly to give the collet something to bite.

For handwork larger than No.80 there's a couple of Huot indexes and for the money I think they've stood up well. They break but really only when dropped. Paid $30 and $5 respectively but even at $60+ I think they're good drills. For perspective a single micro cutter from Harvey or MA Ford can run that.

PS Are folks with the shakes using maul sticks when working? Isolating and stabilizing your hands can make a big difference.

Andrew Hutchinson

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