Re: (Fwd) Caboose brakes


Thanks to everyone who answered my questions.

Dick Harley said:

As others have said, the two hand brake wheels connect to the same
at the single brake cylinder that actuates brakes on both trucks.
"philgulley" did not say what era he is modeling, and that does
affect what
brake system he should install.
The drawing for the change to AB brakes is 154-C-9548, and it
was drawn in June of 1947. How soon and/or fast this change was
is not clear.
Well, I model 1952 so I have assumed AB brakes but... tonight I will
look carefully at photos in the UP cabooses book. Since cabooses were
not in interchange I don't know if they were subject to the 1953 AB
brake deadline. In an earlier post Tony T mentioned typically the
lever connecting to the cylinder was simply longer on a caboose. I
assume he meant then the rod from the A end brake wheel connects to
the lever near where the rod to the B end truck connects.Do I have
this correct? I don't own any Cycs (where Tony mentioned to look)
just a few of the Train shed reprints.

Phil Gulley

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