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Tim O'Connor


I feel your pain. I have kept and refreshed my Windows XP system which is superior in every way
for file management compared to any of the new Windows "buy this, or that, or those" systems that
behave more and more like smart phones trying to shove apps in your face and sell you things you've
never asked for.

I can network share my XP file system with newer Windows systems but not vice-versa. I generally
only use the new PC for web access to banks etc whose web sites require newer browsers. And I
use it for sites like Smugmug. But whenever I save data or image files, I save them across the network
onto my XP system. So the new Windows system is just a web portal, and nothing else. I have read
that Microsoft plans to discontinue the "file explorer" entirely on future systems! Good luck finding

My XP system has no virus or malware protection, and never has, and it has never been successfully
attacked, and never will be. I don't trust the newer systems nearly as much, even though there is a ton
of intrusive security stuff loaded on them. :-D

XP is the secret sauce that lets me find freight car photos instantly ! (Required freight car content. )

Tim O'Connor

On 7/13/2022 10:42 PM, Jared Harper wrote:

I just recently purchased a new HP desktop computer.  My previous computer was a custom built desktop with the Windows 7 operating system.  My new  computer has the Windows 11 operating system.  I have had the new  computer about a month but I am still stumbling around like a blind man.  I took both computers to Best Buy to have their Geek Squad  load everything from the old computer to the new computer with the exception of the Windows 7 of course..  However, I still do not know where half my programs and data are or how to make the things work that I can find..  Is there an easy handbook to make Windows 11 understandable?
Jared Harper

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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