Re: IC 161722 Chcago, 1940's

Jeffrey White

According to the car diagram in the IC 1954 freight car diagram book the cars were built by GATC in East Chicago IN in 1937 so the photo could be a delivery photo.  161501 - 161700 had auto loaders and 161701 - 162300 no auto loaders.  At some point (the diagram sheet doesn't give a date) they were renumbered to 44000 - 44199 (auto loaders) and 41000 - 41599 (no auto loaders).

Other data that modelers may find useful:

Trucks: ASF (AAR)

Roof: Rigid riveted type "Hutchins"

Doors: Youngstown Corr Steel

Handbrake: Universal XL 1825

Ladders: Brascott

Some cars in 4100 - 41599 equipped with 50T trucks.

Jeff White Alma IL

On 7/14/2022 9:07 AM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Definitely a 1937 photo as Bob says. Here's one of the cars IC 161748 in 1941, and it's quite weathered.

On 7/14/2022 2:37 AM, nyc3001 . wrote:
This looks like the series right after the 161501 series (161700?), which were modeled by the Sunshine kit. They look similar, so I wonder what the differences are.

I wonder if these cars have just been delivered as the other car whose number is visible is 161875, which would be in the same series (?).

-Phil Lee

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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