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Ian Cranstone

Darrall has found one of the pages on my website that clearly needs some updating, specifically the CGTX listing. I have much better information now on the BAOX fleet integration into CGTX, and know what one of my next projects will be.

So, while I work on that, I can offer a more detailed view on my British-American Oil Company page ( scroll down to BAOX 626-633 (later CGTX 2664-2671), which first appeared in the July 1943 ORER. Although I imply they were second-hand there, I am now of the view that these cars were built new, likely at about the same time as the CGTX cars. There is also a poor photo of BAOX 633 there (likely taken in Ottawa, Ontario during the 1950s).

I also now suspect that BAOX 640-642 and 643-645 were likely also built new, but unfortunately have no photos. You can also get a much better breakdown of the CGTX 2600-2692 series if you're willing to wade through the notes in the BAOX web page.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

On 2022-07-14 16:09, bn2204 via wrote:

I'm currently on a mission to add more Canadian freightcars to my roster as I need to fill out BN trains 381 (Butte-Great Falls-Sweetgrass/Coutts, AB), and train 382 (Sweetgrass/Coutts, AB-Great Falls-Butte) with more Canadian cars. 

Looking over an article by Russ Pinchbeck in the July 2002 RMC, Russ describes how to mesh a Type 27 Intermountain underframe with a Tichy USRA tank car body to come up with a Canadian Car & Foundry War Emergency, 10,000g tank car. Here's the roster info supplied by Russ...

CGTX 1600-1699, blt. June 1943, without heater pipes
CGTX 1700-1799, blt. Sept. 1943, with heater pipes
CGTX 1800-1914, blt. June 1947
CNOX 8000-8053, blt. May 1948, withheater pipes
CN 990895-990969, blt. Nov. 1949, with heater pipes
SLAX 49101-49104, blt. Oct.1949. with heater pipes

Looking through John Riddell's "Canadian Railways Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment ", there are photos of CGTX 1772, and CGTX 1776 taken in March 1982, and Oct 1975 respectively which are candidates to be modeled. 

John Riddell also has a picture of CGTX 2668, (former BAOX cars?) taken in Nov. 1981, which is also a 10,000g tank car that appears to be a match for the Tichy tank car body. The only difference that I can make out are the bolsters, and the ladder/running boards, and possibly the dome. Can anyone shed more light on CGTX 2600-2692? Unfortunately,  Ian Cranstone's site appears to illustrate an earlier buikt car.

Darrall Swift - LaGrange,  Ohio
Modeling the BN/MILW in North Central Montana,  Great Falls to Shelby,  Circa: August-September 1979

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