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Michael Rozeboom

On 2022-07-14 8:20 p.m., Ian Cranstone wrote:

Darrall has found one of the pages on my website that clearly needs some updating, specifically the CGTX listing. I have much better information now on the BAOX fleet integration into CGTX, and know what one of my next projects will be.

So, while I work on that, I can offer a more detailed view on my British-American Oil Company page ( scroll down to BAOX 626-633 (later CGTX 2664-2671), which first appeared in the July 1943 ORER. Although I imply they were second-hand there, I am now of the view that these cars were built new, likely at about the same time as the CGTX cars. There is also a poor photo of BAOX 633 there (likely taken in Ottawa, Ontario during the 1950s).

I also now suspect that BAOX 640-642 and 643-645 were likely also built new, but unfortunately have no photos. You can also get a much better breakdown of the CGTX 2600-2692 series if you're willing to wade through the notes in the BAOX web page.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

There was a presentation on the BA tank car fleet at the recent Bytown Express NMRA/NFR Convention. The presentation, as well as the others, can be found onĀ  YouTube.

A Pragmatic Approach to the British American Tank Car Fleet

Bytown Express Convention videos

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