Some Thoughts On Resin Kit Stashes


The recent posts on the sale of resin kits has prompted a few random.thoughts.  I fondly remember the Feeding Frenzy that occurred when Martin opened the doors to his sales room at the Naperville meets.  Scores of modelers exiting with stacks of kits under each arm.  Martin never had a cash register yet the crowd passed through faster than an express line at a super market.  One could not help but wonder how many if these kits would actually be built.  We are kind of finding out now.  I know many "modelers" whose pride is how many kits they have on their shelves.

More to the point these recent sales has bought to light what a monumental endevour  Martin engaged in in producing the kits.  Has anyone ever counted the number of different kits that Martin produced over the years?  There are some great kits being produced today but nobody approaches the sheer volume that Sunshine offered.

Thank you Martin and Patricia for the mega contribution to the hobby.

Bill Pardie

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