Re: Caboose brakes

Don Strack <donstrack@...>

To all who are lamenting the lack of detailed brake information in the UPHS
UP caboose book.

I am embarassed to admit that the subject never crossed my much-befuddled
mind, nor did it come up among the reviewers, at least until Bill Metzger
asked, "So when did the CA-1s get power hand brakes?"

<big pause>


I have copies of the general arrangement drawing for the CA-1, which
Walthers borrowed to make its great model. But it doesn't show brake
arrangement. As to when power brakes were applied, as Dick Harley wrote,
only additonal research will discover that data.

I have been asked why the Walthers model does not have a tool box (which may
or may not have later been a battery box, like on the steel cars). The
answer is that the drawing I sent Walthers did not have the tool box, but I
have another drawing that does have the tool box. I guess I should have
thought of that. Like I said, Umm...

I am working on a web page as a location to add updates and corrections for
the caboose book. Having brake information there seems like a good idea. The
next problem would be how to scan large drawings. I can convert them to PDF,
but they'd still be awful big files, as in almost 50 meg each.

Don Strack

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