Re: Some Thoughts On Resin Kit Stashes

Tim O'Connor

Martin was a great manufacturer and marketer and the Naperville RPM was just a stroke of genius!
But Al Westerfield was well established before Martin began Sunshine. Remember Westerfield primarily
did true "steam era" models (and modernized versions) while Sunshine hit the "sweet spot" of the
transition era. And there were other resin vendors too, also before Sunshine. (And today I think the
"sweet spot" has shifted.)

But Martin's huge high quality selection was also a product of Frank Hodina and Charles Slater and other
master model makers, plus resin molding experts like Tom Madden, and many freight car experts.

Really the era 1980 to about 2010 was just a "perfect storm" of information sharing, new resin technology,
digital technologies, cheap airfares (hahaha), China trade, and lots of baby boomers !!

RPM (and Naperville) also "spawned" a whole generation of model companies mostly run by the post-baby
boom generation and the sheer numbers of accurate models we have seen is mind boggling. Many thousands
of models!!

But I don't regret buying excess models. I wanted to support Martin's business because even when it began
I thought -- this won't last! But I knew the models would last. :-)

On 7/15/2022 3:41 PM, Paul Doggett via wrote:

We definitely owe Martin an awful lot for what he did for our hobby.
Paul Doggett.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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